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/when design meets anthropology/

GH 2022 de banne.jpg

studio.out.of.hand is a textile-inspired design practice by Gerry Hofstede

based in Amsterdam.

Gerry has a longstanding fascination with the multiple expressions and varied meanings of textiles across cultures. A textile practitioner since childhood, her special interest in textiles & culture has undoubtedly been influenced by living in many places around the world. Years working in support of micro-enterprises in East & Southern Africa, sparked a lasting commitment to craft & development.

In Peru, her jewelry line + design consulting on handmade collections / product innovation engaged extensively in co-creation processes with culturally diverse communities in the Amazon, the Andes and urban neighbourhoods in Lima. These creative endeavors also acquainted her with ancient techniques and inspired

her vision on textile as a connector of people(s).

Gerry holds a masters´ degree in Anthropology (1986) from the Free University (VU) in Amsterdam and has more recently completed an inter-university master´s degree in advanced design studies with a specialization in Contemporary Design (2019) from the University of Barcelona (UB) & Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). While studying at the Barcelona School of Architecture, she oriented her thesis to her current main interest: the interplay of space & textiles.

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