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draw, colour, paint, embroider, knit,

weave, crochet, or …….well, you decide

experiment with colouring or painting

motifs, stitching yarn or wrapping craft wire

or rework pieces of leftover fabric

experience first-hand what

making with your hands can do

perhaps you sense a bout of contentment

or enjoy some peace of mind while otherwise bogged down

by all that stuff on your mind


is stress or anxiety looming?

cha.cha.. /made of natural wood/

may lift your spirits

& become your creative soulmate

make cha.cha.. 

in a way you and nobody else could

feel free to do, undo and do again

and embrace cha.cha.. as yours

reating with our hands is awesome

logo hart zonder cha.cha..-01-01.png

 cha.cha.. is all inclusive and can be customised: we can incorporate reduced mobility traits 

such as i.e. one arm or a shorter leg. Feel free to contact us

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